by 7zander

Darkness: what is it?

‘That’s easy’, you might say, ‘we all know what darkness is’.

Darkness is all about not having light. Putting on odd socks, no colours, feeling for texture, falling over furniture, stepping on the cat.

Groping for the light switch, searching for light, any light.

A camouflage of ebony, greys and chocolate browns. Feeling; the feeling when ‘brown’ is rolled off the tongue.

A Rembrandt, a Night Watch, threatening rather than pretty.

A time of day, the twilight, darkness pressing in, probing for an opening; oppression, circling, besieging.

A thug with a cudgel of fear, a battle maul of terror rather than a sniper.

An enemy approaching silently by night, setting siege. A large undefined encircling army, slowly choking life out of the city, breaking doors with battering rams all the while threatening to disembowel. Once in, he strips and leads off in bondage to slavery.

Darkness hides in the way setting a snare, digging a pit for the unwary; ambushes, clubbing and robbing. He leaves damaged bodies and minds, a thief and murderer.

Living in a den, a cave, an abyss with idolatry, adultery and fornication. Women of the night, mediums and sorcerers for companions. Not only evil but using it.

Destruction and ruin walk along the valley of the shadow of death in darkness.

Darkness has owls, bats and jackals; raven winged creatures of the night as familiars. The mole and the badger deep and blind as companions.

Hidden things, deep sayings, parables, enigmas, riddles and dark sayings; lies, deceit and treachery cover up speech.

Darkness is the prophet with the fire in his bones who does not open his mouth. The uncovered word broods in darkness.

The valley of the shadow of death, abyss, the great deep, the impenetrable pit of blackness where the shroud of depression snuffs the candle of hope.

Inhabited by dreams with visions, nightmares and horror, things not seen.

Autumn and winter, trembling, driving all before, shaking, the leaves of cocksureness, the shakeable things shaken.

Faith not revelation, faith in the face of the walls pressing in.

Darkness hides, covers, conceals, a veil that shields, in common with all tribulation, a driven wedge, dividing, separating, forcing decisions, driving change.


It ploughs with a dark ox at midnight, turning over fallow ground. Scattering seed by moonlight watered by evening dew.


Darkness dwells inside of you. The woman waiting within, the womb holding a mustard seed, the kernel germinating in in the deep. The womb waiting to give birth, pregnant with possibility. Creation, water, formation, structure, something from nothing. New birth, new life, hope in despair.

A woman, ‘Travail’ birthing a germ, a yeast spore, an idea hidden. The whole universe, the whole of creation wrapped up, concealed; waiting. The unspoken, mysterious, unwritten, silent, unrevealed Word.


Darkness, a miner, a digger, a revealer of secret treasures.

Suspended over nothing in the cavern of the mind digging for hidden secrets of the heart. A breaker of rock, a tester of metal, a diviner of deep things. Darkness the crucible, the foundry, the refiner, the smith.


There, now you know all about darkness.