Result of NATO’s expedition to Afghanistan: Worse than a Defeat

It is interesting to know that you are being manipulated but this article is exceptional in showing how far people go in pulling the wool over the eyes.

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Summary: NATO’s expedition to Afghanistan returns, having accomplished nothing but adding another chapter to the destruction of that sad region. Now begins the next phase: to induce amnesia, so that we learn as little from it as we did from Vietnam. James Meek reviews four books about the insurgency at home, people fighting the government’s narrative to help us remember and so do better in the future. Much depends on this. No matter how powerful, a people who cannot learn from experience have no good future.  (1st of 2 posts today)

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Excerpt from “Worse than a Defeat

Review by James Meek

London Review of Books

18 December 2014 issue

Posted with the permission of the author and the LRB.


Books Reviewed

  • The Good War: Why We Couldn’t Win the War or the Peace in Afghanistan by Jack Fairweather
  • Investment in Blood: The True Cost of Britain’s…

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