Chuck Spinney asks why we choose to lose at 4GW

For a while I have been following this site and find it more than interesting. I find it stimulating .

Fabius Maximus website

Summary: 25 years ago 5 men published one of the seminal articles in modern military theory, introducing the concept of 4th generation war. They did so at the start of a new cycle of conflicts for America. America would be much stronger today had we listened. As we start new wars, it’s vital that we understand (better late than never) what is now the dominate form of war, why we failed to listen, how we (and other nations) fail fighting foreign 4GW foes, and how we can do better. We’ll be running articles on this theme during the next month.

Kicking off this series is a note by Chuck Spinney, one of our most acute observers of the US military.

4GW Source: Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid


Is the Nation State Obsolete?

Franklin “Chuck” Spinney

From his website, The Blaster
21 September 2104

Posted with his generous permission


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