Tribulation, tribulated, tribulant.

 Are you a tribulant?

I have been looking up literally thousands of scriptures on the various forms of tribulation such as fear, betrayal, loneliness, suffering, pain, separation, besieging and so on and what I find is that many of them occur with the enemy outside the ‘gates’ either literally as in a city in Nehemiah or figuratively as in Job or Psalms As a consequence I am dreaming tribulation, tribulation is oozing from the pores of my mind.

I woke in the early hours and had the curious thought; why did Jesus tell us to love our enemies? Pray for those who despitefully use you and persecute you? In effect he is saying open the gates, invite the enemy in and feed him, make the enemy strong in your life. Then it occurred to me the tribulant has nothing to fear from the enemy… the enemy is an experience on the road to eternity an enriching adventure much like visiting a foreign land.

Imagine having to learn Icelandic and eat raw herring in order to understand the culture and get the full experience of the country. The average person would say, ‘No way that’s a pain in the arse that’s a grind that I’m not prepared to go through for the authentic travel experience.’ The knowledgeable traveller knows that with no knowledge of the language you are cut off in a bubble, an armchair traveller.

The reality is that without the tribulation we are going to arrive on the other side poverty stricken. The more we embrace suffering the more we gain, we are richer, much like Lazarus and the rich man.

We are so grown into the life of now that we have no concept of eternity.

That’s my uplifting thought for today for the tribulated.