Separation by Trial and Testing (part 2)

by 7zander

In this time frame that we live in, bracketed on the one side by eternity past and on the other by eternity future, God is separating a people for himself. From those separated to him he is separating a remnant. There is a separation that takes place on the basis of faith.


As I sit and think of instances where separations occur come popping up: (once you have got the idea skip ahead, I don’t want to bore you)

Eve separated from within Adam.

Day from night.

Light from darkness.

Land from the seas.

Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. This was a separation by trial.

Noah from the other people by the flood. Again this was a test of Noah’s faith in trusting God to bring the flood .The trial was Noah building a boat for 150 years even though there had been no rain before. The separation resulted in a remnant.

Abraham from his father and the land of his birth. The trial was him trusting God to lead him even though he didn’t know where he was to go, removal from the comforts and solace of home.

Abraham from Lot. What happens is that we see God starting with the many; Abraham’s family. He then separates Abraham and Lot and removes them from the many resulting in a remnant. He then separates Abraham from the many again and brings about a second remnant resulting in more increase and blessing.

Abraham was tried in the case of offering Isaac on the altar and the result was separation. This separation was not only for Abraham but for Isaac and ultimately the Jewish nation and us by faith.

The people at the tower of Babel.

Isaac from Ishmael.

Rebecca from her family. An amazing trial to go off with a servant she had just met to a man she had never seen.

Jacob from Esau.

Jacob from Laban.

Joseph from his family. What a series of trials.

Moses from his mother and father.

Moses from the house of Pharaoh.

Moses from his father in law.

Israel and Moses from Egypt.

The separation of Israel from the nations by the giving of the law.

The separation of the priests and the Levites from the people.

Separation by circumcision. What a trial.

Separation of Moses from Aaron and Miriam.

Korah and Dathan separated and destroyed.

One of the words used here is Badal pronounced baw-dal (in case you ever have to separate in Hebrew). We are told by Strong’s that it is a primitive root word used in the AV the following number of times – separate 25, divide 8, difference 4, asunder 2, severed 2, sever out 1, separation 1, utterly 1

The division of the land.

The separation of Gideon’s men by trial. Again we see God starting with the many 30000 separating them by trial and thinning out to a remnant; 3000 again a trial and then ending up with a remnant of 300.

Sampson separated at birth and for life. The trial was whether he would keep to the rules that the angel stipulated to his mother.

Naomi separated from her people.

Ruth separated from her people.

Samuel separated from his family.

Saul separated from his family.

Saul separated from God and Samuel and the kingdom.

David separated from his brothers.

David separated from Saul and the kingdom. A separation by trial in that he was driven out into the wilderness and had to hide in caves and holes in the ground.

Separation of David from Absalom

Separation of David from the kingdom.

Separation of Israel from the land, taken off to Babylon.


We can go on all day with this list but let’s look at some of the principles behind the whole process of separation.

Sometimes the separation takes place resulting in the trial: Putting it another way the separation is the trial. Ruth is an example of this. She is separated from her native people and goes off to a foreign land. This is a trial. She is a widow a foreigner in a foreign land.

Sometimes the trial comes first resulting in the separation. Examples of this are those instances where obedience is require and the failure to obey results in separation; Adam and Eve being thrown out of the Garden of Eden is a good example. Another good example is the trial of Abraham sacrificing Isaac resulting in him being separated to God.